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Frank Sinatra’s Angry Letter To Chicago’s Mike Royko

on February 7, 2014

104.3 JAMS

Mike Royko is the quintessential Chicago columnist, mostly thanks to his efforts to piss people off. As a writer, he was one of the loudest criticizers of Chicago politics, winning a Pulitzer Prize in 1972 for commentary. Despite years as a newspaperman, his most famous publication is Boss, an unauthorized biography of Richard J. Daley. He also received and published many fan reader letters in various forms, allowing some people to share their gripes about the city and life with him, allowing others to share their displeasure of him.

One person who shared their displeasure of Royko with Royko was Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was so angry over a column Royko had written, he responded with an angry letter.

Though, to be fair, Royko started it.

In April of 1976, Frank Sinatra was in town to perform and was even granted police protection by the Chicago Police Department. Chicago, what…

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