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Chick Flicks Could Be The Secret To A Happy Marriage!

on February 7, 2014

104.3 JAMS

That old saying is “happy wife, happy life” right?  Here’s more proof that makes that old adage even more true!  A news study claims that guys who watch romantic comedies with their significant others get divorced less than the ones that don’t!  Take a listen to the other details of this study in this newscast!

This is one of those mornings where you shouldn’t be out on the road unless you really have to be!  Check out just how much snow we’re suppose to get by the time this storms finishes up later this afternoon!

Some republican lawmakers want to end “lame duck” voting down in Springfield.  Just what is that you ask?  You’ll know what it is and why some people hate it after hearing this newscast!

If you and your dog fell into the lake, who would you want to be rescued first.  Check out what a man…

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