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New Apple patent points to improved FaceTime calls over bad connections

on January 16, 2014


Have you ever had a call over FaceTime when your network connection takes a hit and the person you’re talking with suddenly turns into a glitchy, pixelated mess? Apple(s aapl) is looking into a way to fix that, according to a patent published on Thursday and spotted by AppleInsider.

The patent – Video transmission using content-based frame search – describes how Apple can use pre-recorded or doctored images to account for dropped frames during a low-bandwith FaceTime call. It can do this by using the information from previously recorded frames, breaking down information in those images – like facial features, orientation and scale – into data points that may later be called upon when your connection suffers.

In addition to this, the patent describes a way of transmitting content in the background of a call at a lower resolution that the person you’re talking to.

If Apple can implement…

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