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Lockitron Still Hasn’t Shipped To Most Backers Over A Year After Its $2.2M Crowdfunding Effort

on January 16, 2014


YC alum Lockitron still hasn’t shipped its next-gen product to the vast majority of backers. As of right now, almost a year on from its original shipping deadline, the keyless smart lock that’s designed to fit over your dumb deadbolt so you can lock and unlock your door with a smartphone remains so much sexy-looking vapourware — for all but about 100 of its 14,704 backers.

And it’s not like Lockitron has never made product before. It actually shipped its first smart lock gizmo back in 2011 — although that was a less sophisticated version which required the owner to replace their dead-bolt (whereas the next-gen of Lockitron will apparently work with most deadbolts — or it will if it ever gets to you).

That first wave of second-gen Lockitron pre-orderers were told to expect the device in March 2013. But that shipping deadline is very out of date. Right now Lockitron’s website is saying the…

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