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These are the futuristic (and hot) space suits astronauts could wear on Mars

on December 6, 2013


One of the standout talks from the inspiring TED Women on Thursday was from rocket scientist and MIT aeronautics professor Dava Newman. She showed off prototypes of three different space suits that she’d helped designed for future space missions, and particularly for astronauts one day on Mars.

Newman described space suits as “the world’s smallest space craft,” and showed off a video clip of a fumbling astronaut many decades ago on the Moon wearing a bulky traditional space suit. In contrast Newman’s designs are streamlined, body-hugging and provide the astronaut with mobility and flexibility.

The suit pictured above is a prototype of a suit that provides the needed pressurized atmosphere to walk around the Mars environment. Using plastic and elastic material can provide part of the atmosphere, said Newman, but to add the full amount of atmosphere, and also keep the flexibility of the suit, they used something called…

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