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Interesting: HP nixes Amazon EC2 API support — at least in its public cloud

on December 6, 2013


Hewlett Packard(s hpq) will no longer support Amazon Web Services EC2 API(s amzn) in its public cloud as as it continues to build it out. That move was buried in the release notes of HP Public Cloud 13.5 and uncovered by CRN on Thursday.

Roger Levy, VP of technical operations for HP Public Cloud, told the publication that the company made its decision “based upon significant input from developers and customers.” Wow. Also dropped: support for AWS-related Eucalyptus tools. Eucalyptus provides private cloud capabilities that  support all the relevant Amazon APIs to accommodate hybrid Eucalyptus-AWS cloud implementations.

AWS is the de facto standard for public cloud  — a reality that sticks in the craw of HP, IBM(s ibm), Rackspace(s rax) and the rest of the known computing world, so HP’s move bears noting. All of those rivals are using OpenStack cloud technology to build clouds to compete with AWS which is…

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