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Netflix is balancing its streaming traffic across Amazon’s cloud

on December 3, 2013


Netflix (s nflx) is fighting back outages in the Amazon Web Services (s amzn) cloud computing platform with a new architecture that has its streaming-video service running live across multiple regions of the AWS cloud and balancing user traffic between them. It is, to quote Ron Burgundy, kind of a big deal.

It’s big  because availability is a big deal, and availability hasn’t always been delivered as some might have expected from the cloud. The term “cloud computing” evokes images of workloads floating across a heavenly blanket of clouds in the sky without a care in the world, but the technical reality has traditionally been more like a handful of cloud scattered across the sky. Your servers are running in one of those clouds: If it dissipates, so does your application.

AWS has rolled out numerous features and architectural strategies (such as regions and availability zones) to mitigate the…

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