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Google Compute Engine is “generally available” and it’s still not Amazon Web Services

on December 3, 2013


Google finally designated its Compute Engine infrastructure-as-a-service offering as generally available on Monday, about 18 months after announcing the service at its I/O conference in June 2012. It’s not clear how, exactly, generally available is different than the “available for anyone to use” status Google donned Compute Engine with in May (perhaps it has to do with support and SLAs), but Monday’s announcement does come with a collection of new features.

The new features vary from standard stuff like bigger instance types and support for more varieties of Linux to higher-level capabilities such as live migration of virtual servers during scheduled maintenance and automatic restart of those servers should they go down. Google also lowered the price of computing resources by 10 percent across the board and lowered the price of persistent disk capacity by 60 percent. IO performance on the biggest persistent disk instances is up to 700 percent…

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