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Arcology Now wants to make constructing a building’s skeleton as easy as setting up a tent

on December 3, 2013


Want a shed shaped like a castle crossed with an igloo? Architecture startup Arcology Now wants to make ordering it and setting it up easy enough for anyone via a software program that automatically generates the best design and instructions for assembly.

Buildings are made entirely out of steel rods that can be bolted together. Each rod is stamped with a code. Once builders learn what each code means, they can construct the entire structure without any further instructions.

The software, Universal Constructor, generates the ideal set of rods to manufacture any shape or size of a building. It also automatically calculates cost.

The original design for the building can be sourced either from a self-made model or from a 3D scan of a physical space. You can scan your backyard or send a quadcopter equipped with a camera into the air to scan an existing building or other largeā€¦

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