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What’s happening at Bloomberg is the logical extension of a paywall-focused media business

on November 26, 2013


Bloomberg — the media company, that is, not the New York mayor of the same name — has been under fire recently for some of the moves it has made on the editorial side of the business, including the alleged spiking of a story that was critical of China. According to a report in the New York Times, this is just part of a much larger shift in which the news entity is retrenching, and going back to its focus on business-oriented news briefs.

This may or may not be a smart move for Bloomberg, since it is a business aimed primarily at brokers, traders and bankers who use the company’s terminals to get a jump on the market-moving news of the day. But what it arguably shows are the risks of structuring a media entity around a subscription model, where the only thing that matters is selling more…

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