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Right on time, Qualcomm opens pre-orders for its Toq smartwatch

on November 26, 2013


We already heard that Qualcomm’s(s qcom) Toq smartwatch would be available around December 2, but it’s possible some could wear one before then. The Toq is now available to pre-order for $349 directly from Qualcomm in black, and there’s mention of a white edition coming soon as well. Qualcomm says the watch orders will be delivered in one to three weeks.

toq watch front

At $349, I don’t expect the Toq to compete with more readily available, less expensive alternatives. You can buy two Pebble smartwatches and still have $50 left over, for example. But Qualcomm isn’t looking to get a Toq on every wrist; at least not directly.

The Toq is more proof-of-concept to showcase Qualcomm’s technologies: Its low-powered but capable chips and the unique Mirasol display. Mirasol is interesting because it’s a color screen that uses little energy. As I noted earlier this year:

Mirasol uses reflective…

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