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Microsoft Confirms That “Excessive Profanity” In Xbox Upload Studio Videos Can Cost You Account Privileges

on November 26, 2013


Reports have surfaced over the past 24 hours that Xbox users are losing their Xbox Live account privileges after uploading profanity-laced videos. Xbox One customers complained that they were losing the ability to use Skype and other applications on their consoles.

Microsoft today released a statement regarding the account bans, quashing the side rumor that swearing in private Skype calls could result in account suspensions. However, the company did confirm that if you upload content using the Upload Studio feature of the Xbox One that contains “excessive profanity,” your account could lose some or all of its privileges.

The company did not clarify how it tracks the level of profanity in uploaded content, whether via automated check, or a less pervasive process. Here’s Microsoft’s full statement:

To be clear, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement team does not monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype chats and calls. Also, we take Code of Conduct moderation…

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