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Apple Patents A Lytro-Style Camera For iPhone For Changing Focus On Captured Images

on November 26, 2013


Apple has been awarded a patent today that describes a system for taking images that can change focus after their capture (via AppleInsider). The tech might sound familiar: Startup Lytro created its light-field camera hardware to accomplish the same thing. Apple’s system is likewise based on what’s called “plenoptic” tech to deliver results which can be altered in terms of what is and isn’t in focus on a computer or device after the fact.

Apple’s patent even cites the design used by Lytro as prior art, but goes on to describe a number of differences in its own invention that would greatly improve image quality and the maximum possible resolution of the pictures it takes. Apple’s design uses a movable adapter between the actual image sensor and the external lens element, which could enable it to switch between two different modes – one for high-resolution standard photos, like the…

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