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A Chrome OS tablet as the next Nexus 10? I like the sound of that.

on November 26, 2013


Google’s(s goog) Nexus phone got a refresh in October while its Nexus 7 tablet was upgraded with new hardware in July. Oddly, the company’s Nexus 10 Android tablet is still the same old model as last year. There have been rumors and leaks on an upgraded Nexus 10, but Google continues to sell the 2012 edition.

This past weekend, John Freml pondered why this is on the Pocketables blog and raised an interesting question: What if the next Nexus 10 actually runs Chrome OS and not Android?

Nexus 10 tablet

Freml raises some good points. Android appears far more successful on smaller, rather than larger tablets, for a number of reasons. With some exceptions, Android apps don’t always translate well on big screens. And smaller tablets are typically priced lower; $229 buys a well-equipped Nexus 7 tablet for example.

Although I use a Chromebook Pixel full-time as my primary computer, I’ve longed…

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