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4G-LTE Networks Set To Double In Number By 2017 — When 1BN Of 8BN Total Mobile Connections Will Be 4G

on November 26, 2013


The number of 4G-LTE networks in service globally is set to roughly double over the next four years, according to data by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the global mobile carrier association, the GSMA.  Some 465 LTE networks are forecast to be in service across 128 countries by 2017, which it says is roughly double the number of live LTE networks today.

4G-LTE offers a considerable speed bump over 3G mobile technologies, in the region of 10x, although theoretical peak speeds — of up to 80Mbps (or even more) — fall to less heady real-world averages in the hands of users, with speeds depending on the characteristics of individual networks. Download averages can be as much as 24-30Mbps, or considerably lower (circa 10-15Mbps), but still offer faster speeds than 3G mobile tech.

By 2017, the research report — called Global LTE network forecasts and assumptions, 2013-2017 — expects LTE will account for…

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