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The Danger Of Laissez-Faire Security Attitudes

on November 25, 2013


A door lock does not have the same status as a modern, wall-mounted television or a couch from a world-class designer. It’s not like you invite a friend over to check out the new double bolt on the front door:

“Hey, you should come by and check out my new door lock! I also bought a new television and a couch, but forget that. This new door lock is awesome!”

But if you did buy that $2,000 couch and new television then I’d bet you sure would want an awesome security system, too. The lock has an abstract value that gives the owner an assurance that they have sufficiently protected themselves.

Online, people want the best security possible, but it’s the last thing they want to think about. Like in the physical word, they just want to know that their prize possessions are safe.

Customers often think that their data is entirely…

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