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Salesforce.com pivots to IoT and mobile — what took so long?

on November 25, 2013


At Dreamforce last week, Salesforce.com(s crm) threw in the towel on its “social enterprise” push and CEO Marc Benioff trotted out a new marketing spiel around the Internet of Things and mobility.

As an example, he talked about his electric toothbrush that will update his dentist about his oral hygiene habits. Pushing these hot buttons is not a bad move for a company that’s not exactly the most mobile-savvy vendor around. Salesforce.com touted alliances with the likes of Dropbox and Evernote, and will sell their applications via AppExchange. But the whole thing also feels a bit like putting lipstick on a chicken — an attempt to assume mobile cred long after it should have embraced mobile devices better than it has.

benioffSalesforce.com also tried to erase confusion around its dual Force.com and Heroku PaaS strategy. How?  By launching Heroku1, a new version of Heroku targeting the Salesforce.com ecosystem. Yeah, I…

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