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Nymi, The Heartwave-Sensing Wristband For ID Authentication, Launches SDK For 6K+ Developers

on November 25, 2013


Toronto-based startup Bionym has launched an SDK for its forthcoming identity-authenticating wristband, Nymi. It said today that more than 6,000 developers have registered their interest in building software that hooks into the heartwave-sensing bangle. Thus far, it’s managed to pre-sell more than 7,000 of the $79 wristbands, which are due to ship in Spring 2014.

The Nymi wristband authenticates the wearer’s identity by matching the overall shape of their heartwave (captured via an electrocardiogram sensor). It sustains authentication, so long as the wristband remains in position, reducing the need for repeated authentications during the day.

When Bionym launched pre-orders for Nymi back in September, it was just days before Apple confirmed its new flagship iPhone, the 5s, would have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. Apple adopting biometrics suggests the tech is finally set to heat up in the consumer electronics space, offering a more convenient alternative to passcodes/passwords — even if…

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