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Notch Is A Wearable Sensor & App For Tracking And Capturing Body Movements

on November 25, 2013


Movement tracking could get a whole lot more granular if the New York-based startup behind this wearable sensor gets its way. Notch, currently being shown off in prototype form on Kickstarter, is a wearable sensor designed to be concealed within clothing at natural hinge points around the body to track and capture specific body movements — sending that data back to a companion (iOS) app for tracking and review.

Right now, there’s no shortage of wearable tech aimed at fitness and activity use-cases, whether it’s Fitbit or Jawbone’s UP or Nike’s Fuelband to name a few. Easily enough activity tracker bangles to fill the average-sized forearm. And that’s before you get started on smartwatches. But fewer Bluetooth sensor-makers are aiming to capture precise body movements — likely because on the surface it seems a smaller, more niche use-case. Something for dancers, athletes and freerunners to get excited…

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