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The new town square is virtual, and government needs to set up shop there

on November 23, 2013


As the U.S. representative for the heart of Silicon Valley, I have the privilege of seeing how invention and technology can unlock new possibilities. That’s why I’m an advocate for using new technology to further our common aims as a society and increase collaboration between citizens and their government. I call it Government 2.0.

There are two primary avenues for doing this: social media and crowdsourcing. Social media improves communication between people and their elected representatives, while crowdsourcing allows government representatives and civil servants to ask the citizenry to help solve specific, concrete problems in a cost-efficient manner.

The benefits of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter come from the way they foster conversation. Unlike political ads or mass mailings, they are forms of two-way communication; social media doesn’t exist just for politicians to tweet at the American people – the American people can tweet back.

And because those…

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