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HAXLR8R hardware startups take on laser tag, baby incubators and making Google Glass less geeky

on November 23, 2013


In a small corner space of the Twitter building known as “Runway,” 10 hardware startups fresh from the HAXLR8R accelerator program showed off their new creations Thursday afternoon. Themes ranged from wearables to gaming to potentially life-changing technology for premature babies.

HAXLR8R is based in Shenzhen, China, to ensure startups are in contact with factories from the infancy of an idea. Co-founder Zach Hoeken Smith, who took many lessons from his time as a founder at 3D printer maker MakerBot, said it’s essential that hardware companies design their products with the parts they will be manufactured with in their final form. Otherwise, they will run into huge problems when they move from prototype to production.

“No hardware plan survives contact with a factory,” HAXLR8R co-founder Cyril Ebersweiler said.

Here’s a look at the 10 hardware startups, each of which pitched a product at the demo day.


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