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Google’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Doodle Pits You Against Daleks, Cybermen, And Weeping Angels

on November 23, 2013


As we learned from that TARDIS easter egg back in August, there’s some pretty strong Doctor Who love goin’ on at Google HQ. Today, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary, the company found another way to fly that Whovian flag. This one’s not quite as hidden as the TARDIS egg, but you’ll still have to know where to look.

Following up in their long established tradition of swappin’ out their logo for a stylized doodle to mark events, holidays, and anniversaries, Google’s doodle today is a lil’ Doctor Who-themed mini-game. It has Daleks! And Cybermen! And Weeping Angels! Alas, these angels don’t seem to care whether or not you blink — they’ll chase you down either way.

In the game, you set out as any of the first 11 Doctors (sorry guys, no War Doctor appearances here) to race across the map while avoiding running into any of…

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