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The answer to learning a new language: Moar Cats!!

on November 22, 2013


Cats are a venn diagram of expressiveness, cuteness and able to be put in humorous human situations, the co-founder of Memrise, Ed Cooke tells me with a straight face, before he bursts into laughter. Memrise is the very serious U.K.-based three-year-old startup that develops crowd-sourced memory aids for learning languages, and Cooke has just launched CatAcademy, his new cat based memory learning mobile app series that uses — of course — cats as a way to increase language retention.

CatSpanishIt’s as ridiculous as it sounds. But also seems to work. Cooke is a Grand Master of Memory, which is an award that has only gone to a handful of people that can complete a series of memory feats that would quickly stump the average person.

I played with CatAcademy’s brand new Spanish language app for awhile ($1 in the app store) and when you see the Cheezburger…

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