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Salesforce.com cheats on Oracle with HP

on November 22, 2013


So much for exclusivity. A few months ago Salesforce.com(s crm) seemed to profess an intention to run on Oracle hardware as well as software, although many doubted very much that this would happen. Fast forward to Monday when  Salesforce.com announced plans to work with Oracle(s orcl) arch-rival Hewlett-Packard(s hpq) on a specialized “superpod” putting Salesforce software on HP hardware for enterprise workloads. That’s a PR coup for HP’s converged hardware which, like Oracle’s Exa-boxes, seems to be on the wrong end of history as more workloads flow to inexpensive, scale-out hardware.

As always, we should treat these conference-led vendor alliances with a huge grain of salt.  But it’s clear that Salesforce.com’s ties with Oracle have been tested. Oracle has its own CRM software as a service. Salesforce.com uses Workday, another Oracle rival, for HR. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has pretty much told the world he intends to crush enterprise software…

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