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New resin 3D printer prints faster in multiple materials

on November 22, 2013


A major drawback for 3D printers is how slow they print. A medium-sized cup can take hours, potentially making it faster and more convenient to just run out to the store.

A research team at the University of Southern California said they have taken a previous breakthrough that cut print time down to minute and applied it to printing in multiple materials, an emerging area of 3D printing that could dramatically increase what you can print.

Their work utilizes a resin printer, which doesn’t lay down melted plastic like most consumer printers do. Instead, it relies on a pool of liquid resin. Generally, a laser shines on one layer of the liquid at a time, causing it to harden. The finished object slowly rises out of the pool of resin.

The USC team sped up this process by projecting a 2D laser image of the entirety of each layer…

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