whats known and unknown

Meeting the known unknowns at the FTC’s internet of things workshop

on November 22, 2013


Hacked pacemakers. Connected homes that show when your kid is at home and what they are watching. Connected cars that can lie about your location, your speed or be controlled by hackers. Throw in consumers and companies that don’t know what they are doing and you have what might be the perfect ingredients to build a surveillance state or kill the concept of personal privacy.

That so far is the takeaway from the morning hours of the Federal Trade Commissions internet of things workshop being held on Tuesday. For those following the space, the workshop offered the now-cliched examples of a connected coffeepot, connected refrigerators and connected vineyards, but offered very little in new ways to deal with or regulate the potential security gaps and loss of privacy that the internet of things can cause.

And even Vint Cerf, the man who is credited as one of the fathers…

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