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Heroku1 aims to bridge the Salesforce.com PaaS divide

on November 22, 2013


Salesforce.com(s crm) has generated quite a bit of platform-as-a-service confusion by fielding both its Salesforce-focused Force.com and the multi-language, semi-independent Heroku. This week it aims to bridge those two worlds with Heroku1.

Back in June, Tod Nielsen acknowledged the need to do something about this multiplicity of PaaSes when he joined Heroku as CEO, and in an interview this week he elaborated on that.

“There’s been sort of a gap between Heroku and Force both internally as to how we’ve talked about it and externally around building bridges. Back in June, I said the opportunity was to bring together the power and robustness of Heroku and make it available to the Salesforce.com user,” Nielsen said.

The first milestone is to make it natural for Heroku users to take advantage of cool stuff in Salesforce.com, he said.

Divide and conquer

“There really are two constituencies — both are important…

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