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Here’s what we know about European collaboration with the NSA

on November 22, 2013


Norway’s intelligence services have admitted collecting details of over 33 million phone calls involving the country’s citizens during a month-long period between December 2012 and January this year. The data was shared with the U.S. signals intelligence agency, the NSA.

Shocked? You really shouldn’t be. We already know that Norway is in the second tier of countries that cooperate closely with U.S. intelligence, along with Denmark, France and the Netherlands (the first tier includes the “Five Eyes” group of Anglophone countries, namely the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand). The next tier down, in terms of trust, takes in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

That said, while surprises ain’t what they used to be, it’s worth summarizing what’s emerged so far about surveillance in Europe carried out by the NSA or on its behalf (not counting surveillance of Europeans’ data in U.S. clouds).

For a map of the…

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