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HBO’s no-cable experiment goes nowhere: Netflix handily beats HBO Nordic in Sweden

on November 22, 2013


Remember HBO Nordic? The Northern European offspring made some headlines when it debuted last year, primarily because it marks the first time that HBO has sold a subscription to its programming without tying it to a pay TV service. At the time, some speculated that this could be a blueprint for an online-only HBO service in the United States.

Well, don’t hold your breath: HBO Nordic doesn’t seem to be doing so well, at least according to a recent MMS consumer survey. That survey found that in Sweden, only 68,000 people have access to HBO Nordic, which makes it one of the least popular paid video services (hat tip to Broadband TV News). According to the survey, only 17,000 people access HBO Nordic every day.

Netflix, on the other hand, is available to 864,000 Swedes, and 308,000 use it every day, both of which makes it the…

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