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Everything gamers want to know about the Xbox One

on November 22, 2013


Just a week after the PlayStation 4 hit stores, the Xbox One has arrived, setting the state for a pretty vicious Black Friday here in the States. Both consoles are fighting for the living room in earnest this holiday, and that could set the tone for how the consoles will perform throughout their respective life cycles.

The PS4 had a strong showing in its debut, with Sony reporting that more than a million consoles sold within the first 24 hours. But don’t discount the Xbox One just because it’s a little late — the console has enough differences that it will definitely draw an audience all its own.

While Microsoft has been touting the Xbox One as an “all-around” living room media console  versus an out-and-out gaming system, there’s still plenty of features that are enticing for the core gamer. It’s a powerful system that meets many gamers’…

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