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AT&T is holding my iPhone hostage and Obama doesn’t care: why the FCC must act on locked phones

on November 22, 2013


I lost phone service 4 days ago because AT&T(s t) decided to vandalize my property — my iPhone(s aapl) — and, despite earlier assurances, it looks like the White House has no intention of doing anything about the policies that let the company get away with it.

This is a story of a personal problem, but I’m sharing it because it could befall any one of you, and because it illustrates a deep flaw in the law: one that permits phone carriers to control devices they don’t even own.

Allow me to explain: last week, I signed up for a T-Mobile promotion that promised cheaper rates for my iPhone 4, which I own free and clear. On Friday, I inserted a new SIM card to join the new network and this is what I’ve seen ever since:

no service iPhone

The inconvenience, as you can imagine, has been extraordinary. It’s not just the…

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