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White spaces anyone? Google opens its spectrum database to developers

on November 15, 2013


All of those unused frequencies that linger between TV channels, called white spaces, are ripe for the taking, and starting today network builders and device makers can start using them, with a little help from Google(s goog).

The internet giant was one of a handful of companies approved by the FCC to run a white spaces database, and on Thursday Google is opening up that database to all comers. That will allow would-be networkers to identify unused TV spectrum in their area and stake a claim on the airwaves.

While typically unlicensed spectrum is a free-for-all – anyone is free to set up a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth link wherever you please – white spaces are managed airwaves. The spectrum is reserved for TV broadcast use, but where there is no TV signal present (or other permitted usage, such as wireless microphones) the public is free to tap…

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