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New from AWS — big, bad instance types

on November 15, 2013


Amazon Web Services already offers a huge — often bewildering array of EC2 instance types — so gird yourselves: there are now two three more SSD-backed instance types for applications that require super-fast performance.

The new C3 instance is the biggest ever to be offered by AWS backed by 2.8GHz Intel Sandy Bridge processor and solid state storage.


That news came after AWS CTO Werner Vogels already announced two new I2 instance types geared for optimal I/O performance.

“Most of our apps do massive random I/O, not sequential reads and random I/O is hard to get consistent performance,”Werner Vogels said at AWS Re:Invent on Thursday morning. The new I2 instances are the answer, he said.

The new 4XL instance type will bring  175K Read IOPs and 160K Write IOPSi and the 8xl instance — which Vogels termed “a beast” — can attain 350K Read IOPS and 320K Write IOPS.

Update:  Also…

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