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Managing IT life cycle with continuous collection

on November 15, 2013


Those of us who chose to live in the IT world are bombarded with buzzwords. We strive to keep up with the barrage of vendor speak, the newest academic research and the latest techniques to make our systems, developers and processes more efficient. Fortunately, what hasn’t changed in the few decades that I have been an IT practitioner is the idea of an application. Applications run on our systems, serve our users and sometimes talk to one another. Sure, the bits change, as do the access methods, systems calls and operating systems.

But the notion of an application is constant, and the management of an application by IT throughout its life is pretty well understood. The nomenclature may change, but in short it looks like this: design, deploy, support, optimize, assess.

Read more about these stages and AppFirst as a solution for maintaining operational sanity.

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