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Google: Project Loon balloons will circumnavigate the globe 3 times

on November 14, 2013


Google’s(s goog) floating network in sky — Project Loon — won’t just be mobile, following the stratospheric wind currents; it will be the very definition of a evolving network with new transmitters launched into the sky every 100 days. In a new video on Loon’s Google+ site, Google explained that each Loon balloon is designed to stay aloft for three trips around the globe. Take that, Ferdinand Magellan.

One hundred days may not sound like much, but keep in mind that while in the air these balloons will be on their own 12 miles above the Earth, floating over oceans and even war zones — you can’t just send a guy in a hard-hat up to fix a broken antenna. As Loon’s balloon manufacturing manager Pam Desrochers explained in the video, the constant replacement cycle will ensure that Google has the most up-to-date technology in the air…

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