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OnApp offers one UI to manage virtual, bare-metal and “smart” servers

on November 12, 2013


London-based OnApp has finally released version 3.1 of its software, which aims to help hosts and telcos get into the infrastructure-as-a-service business. Originally due in the summer, v3.1 of the platform is notable for the breadth of control offered through one interface.

Specifically, that unified drag-and-drop interface can now manage cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, VPS, CDN, DNS, storage, load balancers, autoscaling and templates. In addition to its traditional virtual server territory, OnApp now also offers automation for bare metal servers (for particularly demanding applications) and what the firm calls “smart servers” – dedicated servers that offer a cloud server’s failover, scaling and provisioning benefits through the use of a thin KVM virtualization layer with hardware passthrough.

The new version also brings in VMware(s vmw) blueprints for deploying pre-defined clusters, and Chef-style “recipes” for automating workflows. Service providers can now also manage CDN edge servers in multiple locations in a…

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