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Netflix’s new pitch for Open Connect: it sucks less during prime time

on November 12, 2013


Netflix (S NFLX) really wants more ISPs to use its Open Connect caching appliances, and the video service just found a new way to make that case: Netflix’s monthly ISP speed rankings are now based on prime time peak performance as opposed to the previously used 24-hour averages. A blog post announcing the change explains the logic behind it this way:

“Prime time is the equivalent of rush hour on the Internet. This can lead to congestion on the network, just like physical traffic can on roads. When watching Netflix, network congestion can manifest itself as buffering, lower video quality or longer start-up times.”

But there’s a remedy. ISPs using Open Connect don’t have these rush hour problems, according to Netflix:

“ISP speeds are consistently much better for customers served by ISPs that directly connect their network to Netflix using our Open Connect content delivery network. This performance difference is…

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