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Making a maker: It’s all about the software

on November 12, 2013


I’ve been quite pleased with how much better I’ve gotten at using design software 123D Design since my first attempts at creating a 3D printable part. But it has become clear to me that I’m using the iPhoto of 3D design software when there are a whole lot of Photoshops out there.

Pamela Pascual, an Autodesk artist in residence, has been showing me her design process step-by-step as she creates and 3D prints a pair of nature-designed glasses. Much more time has gone into designing the glasses than printing them, and I can see why: Pascual uses a range of software, and each one has different strengths.

Pascual’s task is a bit more complicated than creating, say, a cup. Aside from their gorgeous, moth wing-inspired design, they also need to fit her head. 3D printing provides the benefit of being able to print glasses that are exactly fitted to your…

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