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Learn how your shopping addiction can benefit your future

on November 12, 2013


This post brought to you by LikeFolio.

Think about your most recent purchase. Perhaps you ordered a MacBook Air or stopped at Starbucks on your morning commute for a caffeine jolt. You support multiple companies each day, but have you ever thought about investing in them?

OK, we know what you’re thinking: investing? Complicated! But what if it didn’t have to be?

Enter LikeFolio. LikeFolio shows you the investment opportunities behind products you love in language that make sense. No more boring investor jargon!

Basically, the site gives novice investors a better understanding of the market potential of brands they already know and talk about online. That means your shopping habits and social media behavior (likes, mentions, tweets and check-ins) can influence your portfolio, making investing so much more personal and fun.

And you’d be surprised what you can invest in. For instance, if you have a MacBook…

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