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Hands on with the new Roomba 800 Series

on November 12, 2013


I’ve met a lot of robots, so I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by a humble vacuum cleaner bot. But I was. The $700 Roomba 800 Series released today by iRobot is a vacuum anyone would want in their home.

The 800 is the same as the 700 with a few improvements. During a product demo, product manager Max Makeev told me the major advancement is the two rotating cylinders responsible for picking up debris.

Generally, the home vacuum cleaners we are familiar with have two cylinders covered in bristles that agitate and scoop in dust. But the bristles also catch hair and other nasty stuff that later has to be cleaned out.

The 800’s cylinders aren’t covered in bristles. They’re made from a rubbery plastic that does not need to be cleaned. Cerda said the new design also allowed the company to increase suction by 500 percent and…

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