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Cycle Computing once again showcases Amazon’s high-performance computing potential

on November 12, 2013


Cycle Computing and Schrödinger have broken their own record for running a massive HPC cluster on Amazon Web Services. Last year, the two software companies spun up a 50,000-node Amazon Web Services cluster for a complex computational drug design application. Now, Cycle Computing, which divvies up workloads to run across AWS(s amzn) regions and zones, has been able to run and manage Schrödinger’s quantum chemistry software on a whopping 156,000 cores across 8 AWS regions.

The result? Researchers were able to sort through thousands of compounds in less than a day and for about $33,000 in total infrastructure cost. The goal was to help Dr. Mark Thompson, a professor of chemistry at the University of Southern California, find the right compound to build a new generation of inexpensive and highly efficient solar panels.

The problem of pinpointing the right material for the right job is immense. “If the 20th century was the…

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