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Why the Chromebook pundits are simply out of touch with reality

on November 11, 2013


The Chromebook(s goog) pundits have their heads in the sand again. In the past week, I’ve read not one, but two extremely myopic commentaries on how a PC(s msft) easily trumps a Chromebook. One says “Chromebooks are a joke,” while the other suggests that a PC can already run the Chrome browser and do so much more, so “there’s no good reason to buy a Chromebook.”

Chrome App Launcher Mac

Really? Before I get into why I take issue, here’s a peek at the articles.

Last week I read “Assessing the Chromebook threat” from noted Windows blogger and author, Paul Thurrott. Here’s a snippet that’s filled with a few inaccuracies right off the bat.

“First, Chrome OS is still very much just a freaking web browser. As much as I like Google Chrome, I still find the general Chrome OS experience to be incredibly limiting. You’re basically using a single web browser…

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