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Verizon appears ready to offer custom Moto X handsets (Update: It’s live!)

on November 11, 2013


Based on a Verizon(s vz)(s vod) web page that was available on Sunday and later pulled down, it looks like the carrier will be soon offering MotoMaker: The online customization service for Google’s(s goog) Moto X handset. Product evangelist Guy Kawasaki shared the link to Verizon’s MotoMaker site on Google+. The site is no longer active, but this link address is clear evidence of MotoMaker support: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/device/smartphone/moto-x-moto-maker

MotoX Verizon

Since the Moto X launch on August 23, only AT&T(s t) customers could customize the colors of their Moto X handset. All major U.S. carriers offer the phone, but without the MotoMaker service, the phones come in either white or black.

I’ve been hearing that November 11 — which is today — is the day in which other carriers gain MotoMaker. That’s a bit shy of a full three-month exclusive for AT&T, so it’s possible that MotoMaker doesn’t open up to Verizon…

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