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The Ex1, A 3D Printer For PCBs, Takes To Kickstarter To Simplify Rapid Electronics Prototyping

on November 11, 2013


3D printers are great if you want to print small plastic widgets. But what if you want to print something a bit smarter, like an electronic circuit board? Australia and U.S.-based startup Cartesian Co. wants to extend the principle of affordable 3D printing to PCBs — and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise $30,000 to get their printer prototype, called The Ex1, to market.

They’re not claiming to have come up with the first ever circuit board printer. But they do claim to be first to have squeezed the price of the tech to maker-friendly levels. “This is the first ever circuit board printer available to hobbyists,” the startup tells TechCrunch. “It uses an inkjet additive technique not previously available for under $50,000.”

The Ex1 is available to a (tiny) handful of early bird Kickstarter backers for $899, rising to $1,199 and then $1,499. After all those limited offer pledges have…

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