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Meet Sense, 3D Systems’ Cheap, Dead-Simple 3D Scanner For The Masses

on November 11, 2013


We’ve seen more than a few startups cook up their own impressive 3D scanners — there’s Makerbot and its Digitizer, and dark horse Occipital with its mobile Structure sensor just to name a few — but one of the oldest and biggest names in 3D printers is clearly itching to get in the game too. South Carolina-based 3D Systems just recently outed a cheapish, consumer-friendly scanner called the Sense, and I swung by Engadget’s Expand show in New York this weekend to see the thing in action.

Here’s the TL;DR if you’re on a tight schedule: at $399 price is right and I came away awfully impressed with the little thing. And I do mean little, as 3D Systems concocted a portable affair that’s about the size of a small hardback or staple gun. Thanks to a plastic chassis it’s not much heavier either, which only makes sense given…

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