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Gearing up for AWS: Reinvent

on November 11, 2013


Last year’s inaugural AWS re:Invent was a showcase for Amazon(s amzn) Web Services’ enterprise capabilities. The biggest news was AWS RedShift, a data warehouse service, which targeted enterprise shops accustomed to dropping big dough on data warehouses from Teradata(s tdc), Oracle(s orcl), IBM(s ibm), Hewlett-Packard(s hpq) — you get the picture.

This year look for AWS to continue that “we get the enterprise” push. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who spoke with CTO Werner Vogels on stage last year won’t be on stage again — hey, he has a newspaper to run — but Vogels and Senior Vice President Andy Jassy will keynote. And there will be sessions from Amazon’s data center brainiac James Hamilton; NASA’s CTO Tom Soderstrom: Ruslan Meshenberg, director of platform engineering for Netflix(s nflx), one of Amazon’s biggest customers and most savvy practitioners.

I’ll be listening for competitive messaging versus the up-and-coming cloud alternatives. God knows…

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