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Garantia Has The Advantage Over AWS When It Comes To Redis, The Popular NoSQL Database

on November 11, 2013


Last week, Garantia Data raised $9 million in a Series A round led by Bain Capital and Carmel Ventures. The company had previously raised $3.8 million in seed funding to fund its managed service for deploying and scaling Redis, the popular NoSQL in-memory database. The funding comes as Garantia prepares for AWS re:Invent, the conference in Las Vegas this week for the most powerful cloud provider in the world and arguably Garantia’s biggest competitor.

The technology landscape is full of stories about fast-growing startups that suddenly face dominant providers that launch new, competing services. But for Garantia, the situation is a bit more complex as it faces not just AWS but Pivotal,  the corporate sponsor for the Redis project. Pivotal is the spinoff from EMC, which combined Cloud Foundry, a platform-as-a-service with its Greenplum and other services.

In September, AWS added support for Redis, an in-memory…

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