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With Moore’s Law receding, design is how we decide

on November 10, 2013


For me, the best analogy for the current state of Moore’s Law comes from one of the first times I visited the Googleplex. Their incredible gourmet food program was expanding, and there was a new fruit smoothie shop where I was asked whether I wanted a small or a large. I asked, “What’s the cost difference?” The cheery attendee responded, “Oh, they’re the same. Free!”

I stood there frozen in time with an eerie existential crisis unfolding inside my head. Usually, when you’re always forced to choose, you balance your desire for “more” (because “more” is always “better”) with the cost you’ll have to pay. But in a universe with infinite smoothies and no costs, how was I supposed to make a decision?

As a consumer, we’ve come to count on the effect of Moore’s Law to help guide these kinds of decisions. Namely, if I just sit and wait…

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