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Prefundia, A Platform For Crowdfunding Projects To Gain Backers Ahead Of Launch, Exits Beta

on November 10, 2013


Prefundia wants to help crowdfunding projects get backers before they launch their campaigns. The startup, for startup it is — launching out of U.S. accelerator Boomstartup this summer — has been operating in beta for the past three months, and has just released some early performance data as it opens its doors to the public.

Prefundia said 195 projects have used its platform since June to publicise their crowdfunding campaigns before launch, and it’s claiming that projects using this auxiliary on-ramp to generate pre-launch momentum have been successful 71 percent of the time.

Its site showcases forthcoming crowdfunding projects — offering hosting space for photos, videos and text info on a project in the works. There’s then an option for Prefundia users to sign up to be alerted when the project launches its funding campaign.


It’s a pretty simple idea. But if Prefundia can get decent traction, it could because a…

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