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Eliminating my guitar pedalboard with IK Multimedia’s BlueBoard and iLoud

on November 10, 2013


My guitar pedal board floats between large and massive. The layout depends on the musical projects I’m in; when I was in the country band, it was much smaller. Currently, I’m working on a hard rock/metal project, which is why there are three distortion pedals. The only time I make an actual effort to downsize is when I need to actually leave the house with it. Two or three rehearsals at something other than my house and I’ll start shedding pedals like a Appalachian Trail through-hiker sheds ounces.

I’ve been clinging to a quixotic dream of replacing the pedalboard with an iPad and a small Bluetooth pedalboard. With the recent of release of the BlueBoard and the iLoud, I was able to start trying to make my dream a reality.

Here’s how the BlueBoard and iLoud combo fared in this quest.


The BlueBoard Review

IK Multimedia’s BlueBoard ($99) is a…

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